About Us

The team at Hawkesbury Fine Dental is a conglomeration of oral health experts who are passionate about best practise and delivery the best possible outcomes to patients. We have become renowned in the local community for our dedication to patient outcomes and satisfaction, particularly when it comes to family dental and helping those with dental anxiety overcome their fears.

At all times, with all patients, we strive for excellence and to genuinely leave our patients feeling confident about their smile. The most rewarding thing for us is seeing our patients go from zero confidence about their teeth, to taking selfies with big, broad smiles!

Our clinic delivers professional dental care to people of all ages. We know how important it is to have a child start getting dental check-ups once their teeth fully develop, so we specialise in delivering the same excellent treatment to patients young and old. By delivering our services to young children, we can help you identify problems before the develop into something much more expensive to correct later on.

Our commitment to children is to educate them on the ‘new normal’ of avoiding routine consumption of sugary treats and to take care of their mouths from an early age. We believe that encouraging good habits and introducing children to dentistry from an early age gives them the best chance of avoiding future issues throughout the rest of their life. We provide NO GAP services for a full scale and clean for children who have CDBS cover with all active health funds.